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Struggling with organic rankings and traffic? Seeking an SEO expert to help via some consulting? If you're wanting SEO results (it's more than just about rankings), we're the consultant you want to hire.

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Katherine H. Contec DTx

Did you know that 90% of Googlers stay on the FIRST page?

An SEO consultant should explain things without jargon, have a great reputation, and deliver quality results.

Are we the right SEO consultant for you? We might be. Here are a few things to help you evaluate:

  • We've been doing SEO for nearly a DECADE
    We don't just read and write about SEO, we're actually in the trenches with our clients helping them rank better and improve their organic traffic.

  • We have PROOF that that we can generate SEO results
    Cactus Tech increases their organic traffic 200% year after year. DTx tripled their keywords on the First Page of Google. Carefree (now Sun Communities) increased organic traffic by nearly 1,700% in just 3 years. We have more case studies. Ask and we'll show.

  • We believe in Modern day SEO techniques
    The Google of today (see our Modern day SEO blog) puts a heavy emphasis on great UX design and quality content. If you're focused on just getting backlinks, or knocking out 250 word blogs posts every week, you're missing out in big opportunity. We'll help you focus on the right tactics.

The type of SEO consulting we offer

SEO Consultant

Need an search engine optimization expert that can talk in layman’s terms? We believe jargon should be used as little as possible.

Three ways to engage our SEO expertise:

  1. We'll inspect your website's SEO & provide recommendations.
    Need quick but actionable feedback on your existing SEO? Try our 12 SEO Recommendations for $499. This straight-forward engagement comes with a 60 minute virtual meeting & detailed PDF.

  2. Have a specific SEO need?
    Try one of our popular packages: SEO for Website Redesigns, SEO Foundations, or our SEO Audit

  3. Engage us hourly.
    To learn more about hourly SEO Consulting, simply request a website discussion and let's discuss how you can utilize our Orlando SEO experts.

Looking for something more specific with your SEO?

Maybe consulting isn't the right path for you. That's OK, we'll guide you. You can learn more about our SEO services — we'll help you find the right SEO solution.

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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