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When content marketing is done right (simply writing blogs is not content marketing), it attracts the right audience, engages them in a non-pushy way, and leads to higher performing website.

This whole Content Marketing thing got ya lost?

We can teach, plan, and help you execute!


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ProtoFuse definitely gave us what we needed to develop great website content!

Dan B. Contec DTx

Blogs, Videos, Webinars, Newsletters, White Papers, Podcasts, Ebooks — are you exhausted yet?

Content Marketing comes with a variety of tactics.

The various types of content to choose from are deep and wide and many organizations struggle with choosing tactics that'll bring the most bang for their buck (if they actually do choose).

You don't have to do EVERYTHING to achieve content marketing results.

SEO & Content Marketing are like PB&J! If your website is seeking to do both well, we're the content marketing company you hire.

That's good news!

But, you do have to choose a few things and do them very well. Oh, and you need a strategy (no, simply "blogging" isn't a strategy).

Though we're not experts in every single tactic of content marketing, we do a handful of things extremely well:

  • Help clients understand CM
  • Help clients plan for CM
  • Help clients execute their CM strategy via their website (specifically: Articles, Blogs, Case Studies, & White Papers)

Since Content Marketing and SEO (see SEO Services) are like Peanut Butter & Jelly, our offering is designed to give you both.

So, how can we help?

Our Content Marketing services

We have 4 ways to engage us for content marketing:

  1. Rebuild your website with our Conversion-focused Website Solution (CM is included)
  2. Just getting into CM? Need some quick training? Try our Content Marketing Training (done virtually). We can bridge that knowledge gap in just 2 weeks.
  3. Already understand CM but need help starting? Try our in-person Content Marketing workshop lead by our Founder Eric Sharp.
  4. In a niche? Try our Blogging Solution for Niche Businesses

Learn more about Content Marketing:

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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