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You can’t trade for it. You can’t trick it. And you certainly can’t buy it. Organic search traffic is earned, and when your website begins creating it, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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Creating more organic traffic is not mythical or snake oil. If you want to rank, you need better SEO — and the formula is straightforward.

Search engine traffic comes in two flavors. Either you:

  1. pay for it (Pay-Per-Click), or
  2. it comes through the organic (natural) results

Organic traffic is about earning your way, not paying your way.

Earning your way means dropping those black hat SEO (search engine optimization) techniques such as link exchange and keyword spamming (though some still attempt these tactics, and Google will find & penalize them) and focusing on what matters.

200 Different Ranking Factors??

Though there's some hard evidence that Google uses 200 ranking factors (others say around 80), earning your way naturally boils down to 3 critical components:

  1. On-page Optimization
  2. Quality Content with Great UX (User Experience)
  3. Trusted Authoritative Backlinks

Nine times out of ten, anemic organic traffic is nourished by focusing on those 3 pieces over an extended period of time.

What's important to Google these days?

However, your website could also be suffering from:

  • An algorithm change (Google changes theirs around 500–600 times a year) which spawns a penalty
  • Incorrect on-page optimization (aka targeting the wrong keyword, driving unqualified traffic)
  • Technical issues related to URL canonicalization, 301 redirects, or internal linking structure
  • and possibly more

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ProtoFuse's ability to tackle a business they have not worked with before was impressive. My business has grown 60% since launch via organic search traffic!

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We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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