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Katherine H. DTx, Inc.

Our process for creating conversion-focused websites has been a combination of:

  • 17 years of website-specific design experience
  • Reverse engineering intelligent websites (more about intelligent websites)
  • Trial and error (we've attended the School of Hard Knocks)
  • A focus on clear documentation & easy approvals
  • An emphasis on collaboration (we can't build this solution in a vacuum!)

Here's a general overview of our phases. You can expect the process to take around 4 months.

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Here's a breakdown of our 8 steps:

Step #1: Onboarding

We spend about 1 week getting you set up in our system so we can turn and burn. This includes agreements, resourcing planning, educating you on our process and key deliverables, and some initial data prep for our first Planning & Strategy meeting.

End Deliverable: Project Plan, Team intros, initial data gathering

Step #2: Planning & Strategy

An information gathering and research phase that captures and organizes everything we do in the first 4 to 6 weeks of every project.

End Deliverable: Multi-page PDF that we’ve coined the “UX (User Experience) Roadmap”

Step #3: Sitemapping (aka Information Architecture)

We help you design a sitemap of your entire website. A sitemap defines architecture and documents high-level specifications. Learn: How to Design the Structure of a Website with Sitemapping in Eight Steps

Deliverable: Web-based Sitemap (with high-level technical specs)

Step #4: Prototyping

A prototype showcases how the defined website structure impacts content, CTAs (Call-to-Actions), and overall UX. The nature of the prototype does not communicate approved content or Visual Design (what the website will aesthetically look like). But, it is our living and breathing scope document.

Deliverable: Private Web-based clickable prototype

Step #5: Back-end Development

With a clear prototype designed and all specifications documented, we quickly jump into setting up your Content Management System, Databases, Permissions, Site Architecture, and Content Modules.

Deliverable: Content Management System install & setup, customizations

Step #6: Visual Design


  1. Mood Boards: A layout of design elements that communicate usage of color, contrast, typography, hierarchy, spatial awareness, size and layout for the website. These layouts are template agnostic and allow our designers to illustrate how they could tie into the company’s brand & personality.

  2. Mockups: The marrying or convergence of the prototype and the selected moodboard. JPG or PNG images of key templates are provided. This helps our clients see precisely how the moodboard impacts the overall layout of the site before we begin converting the design into standards-compliant XHTML/CSS.

Step #7: Front-end Development

The mockups have been approved and converted into standards-compliant, RWD XHTML/CSS, viewable within a web browser.

Deliverable: Mobile-friendly (RWD), clickable website

Step #8: Inbound Marketing

All the activities to help improve and grow a website's Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Deliverable: Shared Google Docs outlining strategies

More about our conversion websites

Learn more about out our Conversion Focused Web Design solution. If you'd like to discuss if this solution is for you, simply request a website discussion.

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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