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Setting Website Goals - Video Interview with Naveed Usman

What are website goals? Why are they important? How do you set them? Our conversation with Naveed Usman, partner at Solid Digital.

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by Eric Sharp

Do you set goals for your website?

This topic of goal setting and how it relates to your website is deep and wide, but there are easy and practical steps you can take to establish the right goals for your website.

To help us dissect this topic, we interviewed Naveed Usman last month of Solid Digital.

We dug into 5 questions:

  1. What exactly are business goals as it relates to a website?

  2. Why should you set business goals? Why not just jump into design?

  3. What are a few questions a company should ask themselves in their very first brainstorm meeting when kicking off a website?

  4. What are some critical activities DURING the entire website process to ensure your website is hitting its goals?

  5. Post-launch, how do you know if your website has met its business goals?

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