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Repurposing Content – Video Interview with James Carbary

A popular and upcoming trend today in Content Marketing is re-purposing. We sat down with Sweet Fish Media Founder, and good friend, James Carbary and discussed.

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by Eric Sharp

A popular and upcoming trend today in Content Marketing is repurposing.

Repurposing content helps you maximize your content's reach and keeps the creation process going strong without burnout.

We interviewed James Carbary last month of Sweet Fish Media to discuss the idea of repurposing content and some practical ways to begin practicing it.

We dug into 4 topics:

  1. Why new content is hard to create, the challenges of producing with regularity, content strategy woes, platform nuances, personal stories, etc.

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk's "waterfall approach" overview and explanation. James wrote a really great blog about this concept: Why Every B2B Marketer Should Have a Waterfall Content Strategy

  3. What exactly is re-purposing content? Is it the same as "copy & paste" from one platform to the next? What are the pros of re-purposing? What to avoid?

  4. Specific ways to repurpose your content. Practical tips and ideas for blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, & graphics.

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