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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Rebuilding Your Lead Generation Website (in 24 animated gifs)

Need more website leads? Thinking of rebuilding? Here’s one piece of advice: prepare for an emotional roller coaster. These 24 animated gifs will help.

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by Eric Sharp

Your website can bring you the high of highs, but also the low of lows.

If you rely on your website to create more revenue for your company through the leads it generates, you know what I'm talking about.

If your website isn't producing qualified leads on a regular basis, it's probably time to start thinking rebuild. If you're thinking of a new lead generation website, or currently prepping for one, here's one piece of advice:

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

Below are 24 animated gifs that'll give you a sense of the wild ride you're about to board.

Emotional Roller Coaster of Rebuilding Your Lead Generation Website in Animated Gifs

1. The current state of your website.

2. The types of leads you're currently getting.

Fake. Fake. Fake.

3. And sometimes these.

Solicitations, not relevant & certainly not qualified

4. What the Sales team thinks of these leads.

5. And how they're handling those leads.

6. How marketing dollars are being spent.

7. You get fed up.

8. You propose to leadership that a new website is needed.

9. They agree - "It's time for better leads."

10. You kick off the new website.

11. The CEO wants pink on the website (because it's his daughter's favorite color).

12. New website is launched!

13. Your first quality lead comes in.

14. When the Sales team realizes it came from the website.

15. The lead already knows about your product/service and company.

16. It quickly turns into a sale.

17. The Marketing department knows exactly how the lead was generated.

18. Marketing and Sales folk become best buds.

19. Another quality lead comes in.

20. And another.

21. You finally understand the purpose of your website.

22. Your website begins to feel like.

23. You now wake up in the morning.

24. And ride off into the sunset, confident & cool.

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