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The ProtoFuse Experience: Through the Eyes of a Client

To showcase the ProtoFuse experience and “real results” we generate for our clients, we reached out to our client Steve Larrivee, VP of Marketing at Cactus Technologies.

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by Eric Sharp

It’s easy for us to be enthusiastic about the websites we build. We feel like our team, process, expertise, and ultimately the experience we provide our clients is worth getting excited about.

However, what does it look like to work with ProtoFuse through someone else’s eyes? Like, a client?


Our clients typically spend a few weeks interviewing web companies, hire us, and then spend 4-5 months with our team in weekly collaboration. Post-launch the website transitions into a growth and maintenance phase called “Total Managed Support” — where tangible results begin to surface.

To showcase the ProtoFuse experience and “real results” we generate for our clients, we reached out to our client Steve Larrivee, VP of Marketing at Cactus Technologies.

Steve approached us in the Spring of 2013 looking to create a disruption in their niche business of industrial grade flash storage. His B2B recognized that in order to achieve their aggressive revenue goals over the next few years, they needed to get aggressive with their marketing — in particular their outdated and underachieving website.

Why did you hire ProtoFuse?

“You guys listened, understood my needs and weren’t afraid to educate me on a more effective way to do things.”

What about the ProtoFuse process did you enjoy the most?

“Your Strategy & Planning phase was an eye-opener to different aspects of our business that we never drilled into enough. Independently asking questions of our reps and clients provided insights we could not have gotten alone.”

Our strategy and planning phase relies heavily on collaboration & communication (including fun whiteboarding sessions)

What do current clients, and newly acquired clients, think of the new Cactus-Tech.com?

“I haven’t heard one negative comment regarding our new site. We have a great company and are the world’s best in our Industrial Grade Flash Storage Device niche. Unfortunately our old site told a different story and surely turned off a number of good prospects.”

How will you use the website moving forward in marketing & sales?

“We have a worldwide field sales organization, but there are many companies and people we do not touch from a prospecting point of view. The new website is drawing in opportunities we would never have found otherwise. I see it as a lead generation tool and image builder.”

Do you now consider it your “most important marketing tool” or an “intelligent” website?

“It is definitely both. We can communicate unfiltered to our niche clientele, and it is intelligent because it motivates the right people to contact us.”

What do you look forward to the most in growing/nurturing the website in the future?

“The more I learn by creating content and viewing the analytics results regularly, the more I can create content to entice the ideal clients for our products to engage with us. I envision our site as the one stop shop for all information related to our niche.”

In Closing

Planning, designing, developing and marketing lead generation websites for our clients is at the heart of what ProtoFuse offers. Learn about the characteristics of a lead generation website or let’s discuss your website.

Thanks Steve for the wonderful feedback, we’re also proud of Cactus-Tech.com!

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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