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1 to 10 Podcast - Why People are your Key to Scaling with Joe Pettet

Joe, Cofounder & Chief Sales Officer at BlueWave Resource Partners, has joined us on the 1 to 10 Podcast to talk about your hiring needs change as your business scales.

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by Eric Sharp

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Episode Overview

Every company deals with it at one point or another.


Your company is growing, and as you grow, you are going to encounter the blessings and the challenges that come with a growing company.

Your revenue may be increasing, but with that comes hiring decisions. Who does what? How many hats should you, the founder or co-founder, wear? When is it time to separate the sales and marketing teams?

On the fourth episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Joe Pettet, Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer at BlueWave Resource Partners, about how your hiring needs change as you scale your business.

As You Scale, So Do Your Hiring Needs

As your company grows, so will your hiring needs.

Say you’re a $1M company. Things are going well, business is good, and you’re growing steadily.

At this point, you’ve likely got a lot of people directly contributing to the bottom line. Sales people, support staff, etc. They’re your doers.

Most of the hires that you’re going to make at this stage of business are going to be doers. You’re probably looking for the jack of all trades type of person. Someone who can effectively operate in the sales and marketing worlds, not one or the other.

As the founder, or the cofounder, this phase of your business probably means that you’re also wearing a lot of hats. You’re the cofounder, CEO, or both.

You’re also potentially the Director of Sales, or the VP of marketing, or the Chief Sales Officer. You’re doing a little bit of everything.

As your company grows towards the $10M mark, your needs are changing drastically.

Early on in the company, you probably handled a lot of the sales/marketing/tech departments. Again, you did a little bit of everything.

But you’ve progressed to the point where that workload is simply no longer sustainable, and it’s time to bring in some senior leadership. Someone who can take the reins and drive the teams forward as the company grows.

As your company scales, you’re going to have to add leadership to run the various departments in your organization, such as sales, marketing, technology, customer success, etc. You’ll be looking for Director, Sr. Director, or VP level hires to help oversee the doers.
Gone are the days of you wearing all the hats.

You’re going to have to learn to let go and let other people come in, learn your company culture, and carry your team and your mission to success.

Splitting the Teams

At some point, the sales and marketing teams, though they may remain one cohesive unit early on, will need to be more adequately aligned to better allow your organization to run as intended.

If you’re a consulting agency, things may run a little slower, as you likely don’t have a heavy inbound digital lead strategy, and the sales and marketing teams may be combined into one team or department.

But if you run a SaaS business, or something similar, this bifurcation of teams might happen a lot quicker, as you’re selling subscriptions, and need to have an aligned strategy, but will have different teams with different needs.

Your company is only as good as the people you hire. As you grow and scale, your needs are going to change. What works for your company at $1M may not work at $10M, and what works at $10M may not work at $100M.

Invest in your people, invest in hiring the right people, and watch your business scale at the pace that you want.

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