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Intelligent Bytes – Episode #2 (What is a Call to Action?)

In just 2 minutes, you’ll learn what a website call to action is, see common examples, and understand why CTAs are important for a website.

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by Eric Sharp

In this episode of Intelligent Bytes, we're answering a very basic, but powerful, question — What is a Call to Action?

In a little over 2 minutes, you'll learn...

  • The definition of a website call to action

  • Examples of some common calls to action

  • Why it's important for a website to have a call to action (so it doesn't turn into a Brochure Website)

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Eric Sharp from ProtoFuse and welcome to episode #2 of “Intelligent Bytes”. Today I’m going to answer, “What is a Call to Action” — something fundamental to every high performing website.

A call to action is a website element that tries to encourage a specific ACTION. Sometimes the acronym “CTA” is used.

We’ve all seen a website call to action. It’s typically in the form of a button, which makes it more “clickable”. Sometimes it’s trying to persuade you to opt into something. Other times it’s trying to inspire a purchase. Or encouraging you to download something. And often, especially in the B2B space, start a sales conversation with a prospective client or customer (like we have on the ProtoFuse website).

Action or Conversion, is the MOST IMPORTANT metric to your website. The exception to the rule here is if you’re selling ad space. Let’s think about why action is so important.

If people are coming to your website, but no one is signing up for something, buying your product, downloading a document, or providing their information — could you consider your website a success? Of course not. That’s just a BROCHURE WEBSITE, which simply doesn’t work these days.

Once you design a great call to action, you’re making it very clear to your audience what you want them to do. This helps them get what they want faster, and helps move the needle for your marketing objectives.

Or course, designing a call to action with the right style, choice of words, and placement is science and an art. We’ve all seen the obnoxious call to action. For the record, DON’T do this please.

To learn more about a call to action, I’d recommend our blog titled “The Four C’s of a Website Call to Action”? It unpacks why CTAs need to be clear, concise, contextual and compelling.

I can be found on Twitter at EricSharp_. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time.

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