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Intelligent Bytes – Episode #1 (How a Buyer Persona Impacts a Website’s Copy)

In just 5 minutes you'll learn what a buyer persona is, why they're important, and how a website used one to write powerful copy.

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by Eric Sharp

In the very first episode of our brand new video series titled Intelligent Bytes, we're looking at how a buyer persona impacts copy on a website.

In under 5 minutes, you'll learn...

  • The definition of a buyer persona

  • The importance of a buyer persona as it relates to a website

  • How a website used its buyer persona to write powerful copy

"Further reading" resource found at the end of the video:

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Eric Sharp from ProtoFuse and welcome to another edition of "Intelligent Bytes". Today we're going to talk about how a buyer persona impacts a website's copy.

A buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. So, basically yes, a fake person that represents a real person.

A buyer persona helps you design a website with a laser focus on your ideal customer. So by taking the time to understand and document their goals and behaviors, your website will be that much more persuasive and thus have a higher conversion rate.

Once a buyer is persona created, it's used as a resource to making decisions including elements like your visual design, your calls to action, and especially copy — which is the element we're gonna be zooming in on today.

MolluscumRX.com is the website we will be looking at today. And just as a quick disclaimer, MolluscumRx is a client of ProtoFuse. But, its really great example. Before we review their buyer persona, let me explain what they actually offer.

So, here's their product. It's a one ounce bottle which retails for $60 bucks, and it helps cure a contagious pox virus called molluscum contagiosum. It's an over-the-counter natural treatment, and as you probably can assume it's an extremely niche product. And I'm sure you've never heard of molluscum before but that's probably a good thing. So, let's get into their buyer persona.

In their buyer persona they documented three critical elements. So there's a lot more in the buyer persona than just these 3 elements but this is what we're going to zoom in on today. First and foremost, it's for mothers, as far as their buyer persona is mothers. And the product is for children up to ten years old. So even though the product is for children, obviously the mother is the one buying on their behalf.

Second, they have a sense of urgency. These mothers maybe even slightly panicking because as, we talked about, molluscum contagiosum is very contagious.

And then three, they need real answers. And they're looking for a cure. Typically their search for a remedy for this begins with their physician and they're kinda tired of all the doctor mumbo-jumbo talk. The doctors recommend that they can burn or scrape off the warts and of course they're saying "Hey, step away from my child you're not gonna burn or scrape this off." I need an alternate cure and so they head to Google and start doing a search and that's where they find MolluscumRx.

So how did they use this data from their buyer persona to write great copy? Let's dissect their home page. Let's take a look at what I've circled here in red and let's begin at the very top here next to the BUY NOW button.

No prescription needed. Because these mothers came up empty at the doctor's office it's important to place this little piece of verbiage right next to their call to action, the BUY NOW call to action. Obviously we want them to know that you can buy this product and have it shipped and you don't need to get any sort of prescription for it. So, again, speaking into the pain points of the mother getting it as quick as possible.

It Works! Proven 95% effective. There's a lot of skepticism in natural products so mothers want to know that this product is actually going to provide a cure. Same-Day Shipping, remember that urgency they're feeling? Maybe a little panic? Same-Day Shipping hits on that pinpoint.

Even that big copy at the bottom that you see here, though it's not exactly a well-worded value proposition, which I think is the #1 most important thing on a homepage, it also reiterates some of these concepts. Over-the-counter. Mothers best and most effective.

So, these copy choices resonate with mothers. It helps build trust, it influences the buying process and MolluscumRx put in the hard work to understand their buyer persona before they designed their site and because of this they've had a 20% increase in sales year after year.

To learn more about a buyer persona, I definitely recommend an article from the Content Marketing Institute "How do your buyers consume content?" I can be found on Twitter at EricSharp_.

Thanks for watching, and I'll talk to you next time.

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