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How to get your Value Prop into your Website (with examples) [VIDEO]

How do you get your value proposition into your website? Use this simple formula of headline, sub-headline, 3 benefits statements, and strong visual.

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by Eric Sharp

In this episode of Intelligent Bytes, I'll explain how — exactly — to get your company's value proposition designed into your website.

In under 2 minutes, you'll learn...

  • a practical and simple formula
  • how to organize your value prop in a document
  • how this formula looks in a finished website (3 examples from ProtoFuse clients)

Resources referenced in video

Free Download

Value Proposition Google Doc Template

Instructions for customization:

  • If logged into Google Drive: click 'File' > 'Make a copy...' to add to your Google Drive
  • If NOT logged into Google Drive: click 'File' > 'Download as'

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