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Hire a Blogger or Write Your Own Blogs? 20 Pros & Cons To Help You Decide

Bought into content marketing? Ready for blogging? Our ultimate pros & cons list will help you evaluate whether you outsource blogs or write them yourself.

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by Eric Sharp

The struggle is real.

“Should we hire a blogger or write our own blogs?”

Many companies get stuck right here after they commit to content marketing. This question quickly becomes a quandary (and often — and unfortunately — leads to giving up on business blogging).

Hire a Blogger or Write Your Own Blogs Cover?

Can we afford to outsource our blogs? Can we find a quality blogger? Will they understand our business? Do they get SEO? Maybe we can handle it internally? Who’s actually going to write this content? How do we avoid grammar mistakes? Do we even know how to blog?

Like I said. The blogging struggle. It’s real. And the right answers to these questions will require you to explore and evaluate many factors.

Here’s the good news.

Either option could work for you. There are convincing arguments for each and this will be your roadmap to determining if you should:

a) hire a blogger
b) write your own blogs
or maybe even
c) do both!

Let’s start with the pros/cons of keeping things internal and writing your own blogs.

Writing Your Own Blogs

Write Your Own Blogs Internal Brainstorm

Maybe your best bloggers are sitting right next to you. Or, maybe not.

Sounds scary, right?

Making a decision to keep your blog writing “in-house” will stretch your organization in a good way, or possibly bad way. From my experience, this decision takes more planning, thinking, and money than hiring a blogger but, the long-term benefits are much greater.

Let’s start with the pros.

The 5 PROS of Writing your own Blogs

  1. You understand your company’s “voice” better than anyone. Blogs will resonate with your website’s audience at a deeper level

  2. Expertise is within a short walk or quick phone call (or maybe sitting next to you!) “Hey Bob, talk to me about how this product works.”

  3. You don’t increase overhead expenses

  4. There’s no onboarding phase needed to understand your market & products/services

  5. It’ll galvanize the people involved. IF they understand the ‘why’ and non-statistical reasons to start a blog

Peaches and rainbows, right? Well, maybe not. Consider the cons.

The 5 CONS of Writing your own Blogs

  1. It takes time, resources, and people. Often, the busiest of people in your organization

  2. Getting leadership to buy-in takes convincing. In 2010, 11% of companies lacked C-Level buy-in and though it’s dropped to an estimated 3% today, it’s still a challenge for SMBs

  3. You commit, but not really. Blogging for 3 months and stopping will generate zero results. Consistency is key!

  4. You don’t write good well. Writing is a creative skill; editing is another. You need both

  5. You don’t understand how SEO plays a role. If you get your SEO wrong, your blogs won’t rank and drive traffic

Now let’s flip the coin and explore hiring a professional blogger to write your blogs.

More about Business Blogging

Hiring a Blogger


Who doesn't love collaborating with a blogger at a quaint coffee shop? Well, maybe YOU.

Blog writing companies are growing because it’s easy to see the value of outsourcing your blogs. You get blogs on your website quickly, and they’re written well, and it’s economical.

However, outsourcing your blogs is not a silver bullet for your content marketing.

Hiring a blogger doesn’t mean you “set it and forget it”. You still need to be involved partially. Before throwing this critical responsibility to someone outside your company, know what this service really involves.

Let’s start with the pros again.

The 5 PROS of Hiring a Blogger

  1. They can start writing immediately. Need a quality blog in a week? Done!

  2. They’ll coordinate research. Most blog writing services will spearhead the research through emails, calls & in-person brainstorms saving you time.

  3. Editing is done for you. Typos? Proper grammar? Fuhgeddaboudit. Done!

  4. They understand how blogs should be written for the Web. They get how to write and format website content

  5. They’ll stay committed to a schedule. When company deadlines and emergencies are imminent, new blogs will typically get put on your back burner. But, not with a hired blogger!

Wow! All those benefits sound heavenly, right? Well, consider these cons before signing any contracts.

The 5 CONS of Hiring a Blogger

  1. You lose some control. Putting out content for everyone to read, written by someone outside your company, could be a scary thought for leadership

  2. Depth of content will be limited. No amount of research from a blogger will ever be better than the years of wisdom and perspective your internal product/service experts will pour into a blog

  3. They add to your monthly expenses. Blog writing services range from $250 per blog to thousands of dollars for a monthly service. You will need to budget for at least 6 months to see real results

  4. An unhealthy focus on just quantity. Since some blog writing services charge by the blog, they have a tendency to believe “the more blogs, the better.” They are misinformed. Ensure you rise above the deluge of crappy content

  5. Loss of details. “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get right.” – Steve Jobs. Key details, that should drive documented website goals (e.g. Opt-in of some sort) might not make it into the blog because of a misunderstanding or communication issue

Next Steps: Evaluate Pros & Cons, choose an option, commit for 6 months


Spend a few cups coffee analyzing these 2 blogging options, but don’t let it paralyze you from making a decision. You’re never stuck with a choice!

Paralysis through analysis.

I love this concept (and it’s fun to say).

Mostly because it’s a reminder that sometimes — especially in content marketing — you need to act (even if there are unknowns) to avoid over-thinking strategy. Action leads to progress.

If you spend months debating these pros and cons and never make a decision, you’ll be exhausted before you publish a single blog.

If it’s clear that writing your own blogs is the way to go, then maybe some content marketing training is the next actionable step. If hiring a blogger is a foregone conclusion because of a lack of resources and time — Google “Blog Writing Services” and start contacting companies.

My point?

Commit yourself to the chosen option for at least 6 months and then evaluate your experience. You can always change directions depending on what works and what doesn’t.

So, jump in. Embrace your decision. At the very least, you’ll have a handful of blogs to show for it and some lessons learned moving forward with your content marketing.

Other Resources to help you decide on your blogging options

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