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ProtoFuse attends Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership Master Series Conference in Orlando

I attended the EntreLeadership Master Series Conference here in Orlando (which was awesome), and here are my takeaways!

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by Eric Sharp

The one week Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership Master Series Conference in Orlando has come and gone, but the impact of this time spent with Dave and his team is already having a positive effect on the future of ProtoFuse.

Dave’s first lesson on “Goal Setting”

EntreLeadership is focused on small business entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow and lead with intentional leadership. Dave brings 20 years of practical business wisdom from the trenches, having built his business from a card table in his living room to a national brand.

He’s a personal money-management expert, national radio personality, speaker and author. His mission to help people is intoxicating.

I ended the week thinking — “This is going to change my business forever.

Each of the 200 small business owners attending received this graduation gift from Dave’s team. Slick.

Sunset over the Swan & Dolphin resort – what a beautiful week here in Orlando

By nature of being a small business, we tend to think in ROI early and often around ProtoFuse. Working “on the business” for over a week and the small things we’re already implementing within our talented team (company mission statement, personality tests) has created energy and momentum for change. That alone can be considered a profitable decision and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface.

Thank you Dave Ramsey for EntreLeadership and your entire team for inspiring, motivating and sharing your unmatched wisdom!

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