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Can an Obsession be, Healthy?

We think so. It’s pretty well known throughout our office and to our clients that we’re visual thinkers. These tools of the trade help us communicate visually.

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by Eric Sharp

We think so.


We believe that clean (we’re talking spec-free clean, folks) whiteboards are an empty canvas with endless possibilities.

Whiteboarding helps us:

  • think clearly for our clients
  • foster collaboration
  • push great ideas forward

Whiteboards have a huge part of this philosophy, but so do the markers. Not just any marker, but Quartet Markers.

hough their longevity may not compare to the typical whiteboard marker, we’re advocates of this specific marker because of it’s richness and easy writing style (“EnduraGlide” technology). It takes about a single wireframe and/or bulleted list to feel the difference and become a believer.

Last Friday we received a delivery of 100 markers, and it was like Christmas morning people.

So, what do you think? Do we have an obsession brewing around ProtoFuse, and is it healthy? Come for a visit and lets whiteboard this conundrum out.

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