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50,000 Conversions! Congratulations to our Clients!

Our client’s website conversions are a serious matter. So serious that we built a real-time conversion tracker, and it just hit 50,000. And we’re pumped!

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by Eric Sharp

Our client’s website conversions are a very serious matter.

So serious that we built a real-time conversion tracker that updates every 24 hours! (Read the juicy behind the scenes)

A few weeks ago, we realized the total was nearing 50,000 total conversions. Then, in the past week, it hit (and quickly surpassed) this milestone!

50,000 Conversions Milestone

Now, spread across multiple websites with numerous conversions elements, one could think, “This isn’t that impressive.”

To a larger website company that has hundreds of clients, maybe not. But, to us who service much fewer clients — it’s a pretty big deal. (View a handful of our Client Results)

Conversion takes an artful and scientific approach.

Whether you’re trying to inspire someone to fill out a lead generation form, provide their email address for an opt-in, or complete an e-commerce transaction — conversion is always easier said than done.

So, yes, we’re super pumped about this. We work hard to ensure our client’s websites generate a steady clip of conversions regularly and always happy to celebrate milestones with them.

Congratulations clients! 50,000 conversions (and growing!)

We look forward to the next 50,000...

More about our conversion tracker:

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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