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We are an Orlando web design company, helping organizations throughout the country achieve real results through intelligent websites


We believe small teams can carry a big punch. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Big things come in small're getting the idea. We're a seasoned and dedicated team focused on delivering real results for our clients.

  • Eric Sharp
    Eric Sharp
    • Founder, UX Designer
    Eric's been building and marketing websites for nearly 15 years and will humorously consider himself "vintage" in another five.
  • Brian Ledebur
    Brian Ledebur
    • Front-End Designer/Developer
    An alumni of the University of Florida, Brian brings a hybrid approach to every website we craft. He also has a thing for Diet Coke.
  • robert-allen
    Robert Allen
    • Front-End Developer
    Robert holds a Digital Media degree from UCF and contributes to every website we build. His occasional southern drawl spawns laughter weekly.
  • edith-duran
    Edith Duran
    • User Research Specialist
    Edith brings a passion and focus for understanding how people think and interact on the Web. We think she has the best smile in Central Florida.
  • jamie-sandstedt
    Jamie Sandstedt
    • User Interface Designer
    Jamie's decade of design experience helps us build websites that fit the brand personalities of our clients. She also owns 4 dogs. Yep, that's FOUR.

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