“Our Website Sales have Plateaued or Decreased”

The demands of e-commerce have changed in the last decade. A secure checkout, clear pricing, and quality photos could once create and grow sales. Today, it takes much more to generate a steady clip that impacts your bottom line.

Is your e-commerce website dropping potential sales, but don’t know why? We can help.

The rapid growth of the Web has sprouted savvy shoppers, and savvy shoppers want — no, demand — great website experiences.

Whether you are targeting a potential customer who’ll be evaluating your product, or an existing one looking to re-purchase, there’s always an opportunity to improve engagement.

If your website sales have plateaued or started decreasing, this could be a sign of:

How we can help increase your website sales:

  • Understand how & why your buyers buy
  • Form a hypothesis on what’s decreasing sales (and form a conclusion with A/B testing)
  • Fine tune your ordering process to improve conversion rate
  • Document a content strategy that will help educate & inspire your potential customers
  • Obtain better rankings for keywords relevant to your products

Resources to help you sell more online:

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