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Is your website struggling to obtain rankings and generate consistent organic search engine traffic? Not confident in the keywords you should be targeting, what SEO is, or how it can help your business? (It’s “Search Engine Optimization” by the way & when done right it can reap big rewards.)

Need an search engine optimization expert that can talk in layman’s terms? We can help. And we can deliver results.

We can play the part of an SEO consultant and bring expert advice to your website.

What a ProtoFuse SEO expert can offer

For $499, we can provide you 12 custom SEO recommendations for your website in 48 hours We’ll then take 1 hour to walk you through them via a GoToMeeting (or face to face if local to Orlando).

After implementing our recommendations, your website will improve its:

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Rankings
  3. Organic traffic
  4. Overall authority

How the consulting package works

Our SEO recommendations are detailed in a multi-page PDF that’s easy to read and distribute to your company

We’ll review your existing website from a structure, visibility, rankings, content, on-page optimization, external links, social signals and overall authority.

Website conversions such as the sale of your product or completing a form (e.g. Contact Us, Free Consultation) begins with getting traffic to your site. In order to get organic traffic, you need rankings. To achieve rankings, your site needs to be held to a certain standard.

Similar to our UX Consulting, you’ll receive a detailed document and a 1 hour digital meeting via GoToMeeting. We’ll even record this meeting and provide you with the video for later reference. If local to Central Florida, you can come into our Orlando office and Eric Sharp will be your SEO consultant and walk you through your 12 recommendations.

There are 100 billion searches carried out every month in Google — start capitalizing immediately with our recommendations!

Need more that just recommendations?

If our “12 Recommendations” package from a ProtoFuse search engine optimization consultant feels limiting, we can offer your website more comprehensive SEO services including; teaching, planning, implementing & measuring.

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