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If you understand Content Marketing fully, but don’t have the resources, time, or energy to plan for execution — our workshop will give you the boost you need. We’ll help you make those tough content decisions and meticulously document the process.

Our Content Marketing Workshop spans two business days (4 to 6 hour sessions each) and includes email support for the following 30 days.

Armed with colorful markers and a BIG whiteboard, our Founder, Eric Sharp, will run your workshop from beginning to end.

What we’ll do together:

  • Form a custom-tailored content strategy
  • Choose the right tactics (e.g. Blog, White Paper, Newsletter, etc.)
  • Define your audience & buyer persona
  • Map out your content funnel
  • Outline content within each part of the funnel
  • Ensure your content will be properly formatted
  • Target topics/concepts that will generate search engine traffic
  • Weigh & choose distribution methods
  • Setup custom reporting within Google Analytics for ROI tracking


$2,500 if local to Orlando ($3,500 + expenses if travel required)

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