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Search Engine Optimization can become extremely complicated and even somewhat mythical if you focus on the wrong things. If you treat SEO like your annual doctor’s exam (get in, get out, receive a report), your website will miss out on the massive benefits.

A smart SEO company should preach the notion that SEO is not just a science — it’s also an art. We believe we’re a smart Orlando SEO company because we not only preach it, but also understand this delicate balancing act.

The formula to achieve better rankings and increase traffic is fairly straightforward if you balance both the science and art of SEO.

The Science

SEO requires an understanding of how search engines see, crawl and index your content. Google’s algorithm has 200 rankings factors, and though you shouldn’t be concerned with knowing all 200, it takes a scientific approach to determining what’s most important.

The Art

Search Engine Optimization also demands artful copywriting. When done well, it’s engaging, effective, and encourages action (aka conversion). Great copy doesn’t repeat the same keyword over and over again or attempt to trick Google (good luck with that). Spammy SEO writers lose sight in whom they’re actually writing for. People.

As I tell all my clients; optimize for robots, write for people!

Our SEO philosophy in 4 phases


White boards are our friend. And they’ll be yours too!

Education is one of the ‘E’s to our SEETAP, and our practicing of it becomes very evident when clients hire us for SEO. We not only strive to teach SEO, but we aim to demystify it along the way.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”, said Albert Einstein. Our first job is to explain SEO clearly, free of jargon and acronyms, to gain your trust.

We’ll never expect you to become a Search Engine Optimization guru, that’s certainly our job to be your resource. However, we believe there’s a direct correlation between our client’s SEO knowledge and their ability to help us make quality decisions with their website.


Keyword research is a pillar to forming the right optimization strategy.
Keyword research is a pillar to forming the right optimization strategy.

Planning your SEO is where the rubber meets the road. If you don’t know your audience, you won’t know your keyword strategy. One of the most common, yet devastating mistakes we’ve seen companies make is targeting the wrong keywords. Everything executed after that is moot (and consequently brings unqualified traffic).

As with all things website-related, it starts with knowing your user. What are they searching for? What keywords generate traffic? How obtainable are those keywords? How do we optimize our content?


Our “SEO Playbook” outlines your entire on-page optimization plan.

On-page optimization is the process of taking those keywords discovered in the ‘Plan’ phase, and placing them into your website in a structured way that makes sense to search engines (and your users). We’ll help you craft and implement your SEO to ensure it’s indexable, topical and compelling.

Upon completion of our implementation, we’ll provide you with our custom tailored SEO Playbook that outlines your entire strategy and optimization plan. This multi-page PDF will be used by your organization for ongoing reference and measurement.


There’s more to measuring your SEO investment than simply watching rankings.

Once you’ve walked through the previous 3 phases, your website is now equipped with a long-term SEO plan and will start collecting lots of data. It’s now your job to continue creating valuable content, follow our SEO Playbook, monitor that data and draw insights from it.

If that’s too much data for you to handle, we offer website reporting and measurement support solutions to keep you on track. Basically, we’ll be your nerd.



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