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“We’re Over Budget!”: How Your Website Could Blow It

Here are 9 ways that your new website could blow your budget. Either there’s “Not Enough”, something was “Unplanned”, or there were “Too Many”.

Not every time, but often it comes down to money. We get that.

We have chair ready for you. And candy. Let's talk.
We have a chair ready for you. And candy. Let’s talk.

And that’s why we believe in talking about your investment early in the process. We know you’re busy, and we don’t want to waste your time.

Here’s a helpful analogy to our pricing approach.

If shopping for a new car, our offering is like buying a high-end, fully loaded Toyota. You’ll get incredible value for your money, enough bells and whistles to brag about, and industry-leading reliability. It looks sharp, runs great, and doesn’t leave you with buyers remorse.

We don’t sell Ferraris or Lamborginis. But, do you really need that speed, luxury and price tag? Maybe. But, probably not.

If your business is seeking a powerful, reliable and valuable website, here’s what our window sticker would look like.

Our flagship solution is our Conversion-focused Website. It involves rebuilding your website from start to finish and comes with our Inbound Marketing services. Our conversion websites follow our four step proven methodology and take around 4 to 6 months to build and launch.

This solution begins at $17,500 and is supported and nurtured through our “Total Managed Support” program that ranges from $300 to $500 monthly. Post-launch, clients equipped with a conversion-focused website reinvest 15-40% of their initial engagement budget every year post-launch.

See our Client Results for examples in how we’ve used our client’s investment wisely.

We offer 3 consulting packages starting at $499. If none of these packages fit your needs, you can hire us hourly ($150/hr) to tackle your unique needs.

  1. SEO Consulting ($499)
  2. User Experience Consulting ($499)
  3. Web Strategy Consulting ($2,500+)

Our Content Marketing Training (done virtually) is $1,000 and our Content Marketing Workshop (in-person) starts at $2,500.