Revere Electric

Even a 75 year old electrical distributor can be forward-thinking on today’s Web


Revere Electric is proof that any company, at any age, can turn their stale and ineffective website into the central brains of marketing, sales & customer support.

The two biggest challenges with Revere Electric’s 5+ year old website (which is like 15 in human years) was information architecture and overall usability.

The marketing department fell victim to a website designed and supported with a programmer’s mindset, rather than a qualified user experience designer and scalable content management system. This unfortunate decision spawned problems internally at Revere and for their website users.

To help serve their large customer base better, create more conversions, and drive more visibility around their custom business solutions, the ProtoFuse rebuilt the Revere Electric website from the ground up. (See what we did there?)

Website Features:

Professional web strategy sustainable for 3-5 years
Clear Positioning Statement & strong Value Proposition
Full SEO revamp
User Research & Personas
Calls to Action
Lead generation conversion elements
Custom Training & Event Calender with class registration
Mobile Optimization via RWD (Responsive Web Design)
Custom Google Maps integration
Content Mgt System with customizations

With multiple locations throughout Illinois/Wisconsin, we integrated a custom Google Map with location information


We designed a logical hierarchy with clear navigation to help users quickly browse Revere’s comprehensive automation products


The real results we generated for Revere Electric

Bounce Rate

(before & after launch)

23% decrease

Avg. Page Download Speed

(before & after launch)

90% faster

Total Conversions

(in first 12 Months)


Avg. Time User spent on Site

(before & after launch)

20% increase

Memory Lane, anyone?

For those who love a little before and after, here’s a screenshot of the previous Revere Electric website.

A few of its problems:

Poor UX Design
Lack of Positioning
Outdated content
Usability issues
No Calls to Action
No Content Management System

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