Export Solutions

A Niche B2B Consulting Firm Relies on Website to Grow their Business


Export Solutions helps their clients understand and solve the complex challenges of export regulations and compliance. And we ensured their website communicated just that.

Website Features:

Clear Positioning Statement & strong Value Proposition

Full SEO strategy & optimization

Calls to action that appeal to prospect's entire buying cycle

Custom Webinars section with Registration & Lead-gen Archiving

Content Mgt System with customizations

Mobile Optimization via RWD (Responsive Web Design)

When you’re a niche B2B company, you face many challenges in obtaining the attention of your prospect, building their trust, and inspiring them to contact you.

But, if you possess a lead generation website (like Export Solutions), those challenges soon turn into competitive advantages.

The DNA of a lead generation website has 5 elements, and the Export Solutions’ website possesses all of them:

1. Qualified Traffic “ITAR” doesn’t mean much to you and me, but to Export Solutions, it means everything. Obtaining high rankings for keywords related to their services is the key to obtaining quality traffic. And they nailed it. Go ahead, Google ‘itar consultant’ and see for yourself.

2. Clear Positioning Their overall site (and especially their homepage) clearly articulates who they work for – they don’t over-complicate their messaging.

3. 80/20 Rule of Content  They’re committed to executing their content strategy via their informative Blog, free educational Webinars and monthly “Blog Digest”.

4. Inspires Action at every Stage of Buying Cycle  On every page, there’s a minimum of 1-3 specific calls to action.

5. Powered by a CMS  They have full control to add/edit/delete content and features to keep their website updated and relevant.


Export Solutions considers the website we built for them as their most important asset for generating leads.

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A mobile-friendly experience everywhere, including critical areas related to lead generation (e.g. conversion elements, blogs).


A custom built Webinars section provides a platform for promoting Upcoming Webinars, and a lead-gen feature for accessing Archived Webinars.



The real results we generated for Export Solutions

Monthly Sessions

(in 5 years with ProtoFuse)

392% increase

Organic Search Traffic Sessions

(since ProtoFuse took over SEO in 2011)

1,038% increase

“No-Charge Consultation” requests

(Year after Year)

52% increase every year

Number of Webinar Signups

(since feature was launched in 2011)

1,500+ registrations

Memory Lane, anyone?

For those who love a little before and after, here’s a screenshot of the previous Export Solutions website.

A few of its problems:

Poor UX Design

Lack of Clear Positioning & Value Proposition

Minimal Organic Search Traffic
Usability issues

No Content Marketing plan

No Content Management System


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