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by Eric Sharp on January 13, 2017

Topics: Content Marketing, In the News

I’m thrilled to be one of 50+ speakers at the 2017 Content Summit.

What is the Content Summit?

It’s a 5-day virtual conference, dedicated to sharing the most effective B2B content marketing strategies & tactics.


The best part to this conference is that it’s FREE.


If you register for the event before February 6th, you’ll be able to learn from me and 50+ other B2B Content Marketers. Each day will be made up of engaging video presentations, delivered via email, from B2B marketing executives & thought leaders.

I was asked to speak about “10x” Content, a new and exciting topic within Content Marketing that rattled my cage mid-last year.


My video discussion with James Carbary went through the following topics:

  1. Why content is failing for B2B Marketers
  2. Why is there so much crappy content out there today?
  3. What is “10x” content
  4. How to create 10x content
  5. Walk-through of results for a 10x piece we helped a client create

Thanks to Sweet Fish Media for orchestrating and putting on such an inspiring and helpful conference.

This is going to be an incredible event! There are some super smart people sharing insights on topics that will help you succeed in 2017 with your content.

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