Robert Allen

Front-end Developer

Connect with me

Robert holds a Digital Media degree from UCF and develops the code behind every website we build. His occasional southern drawl spawns laughter weekly.

My role at ProtoFuse

I am responsible for bringing our client’s websites to life and ensuring the end visual result reflects what was defined in the graybox prototype.

I also design mockups, help assist clients during the content integration phase, and support them post-launch.

My education & experience

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a B.A. in Digital Media (Web Design focus). Before transferring to UCF I attended the State College of Florida (formally MCC) and obtained an A.A. in Graphic Design in 2010. I’ve been learning and doing Web design since 2006.

My favorite thing about building & marketing conversion-focused websites for the SMB

My favorite thing is just building them. I thoroughly enjoy bringing a website to life. To take a design and make it fully functional is unlike anything else and I certainly don’t take that passion for granted. It’s rewarding to see my efforts directly impact our clients.

What I consider my strength

Perseverance. I don’t give up easily when a challenge presents itself and in the web development world overcoming challenges/problems is just the everyday norm.

The ability to see something through to the end not only helps me get my job done, but helps me learn new things and expand my boundaries (both professionally and personally).

A client’s website I’m most proud of

I am proud to have played a major front-end development role for SafePlumbing. I helped build a responsive framework (RWD) to ensure the website is optimized for any screen size.

My favorite things outside the office

When outside the office, I’m usually working on personal projects that I hope one day will expand into something more.

When I do take breaks, I spend a bit of time gaming on my computer. I enjoy video games immensely as they are a great medium for telling stories and experiencing vivid depictions of different worlds/life.