Brian Ledebur

Lead Developer

Connect with me

An alumni of the University of Florida, Brian brings a unique hybrid skill set of both design and development to every website. He also has a love affair for Diet Coke.

My role at ProtoFuse

about-team-brian-ledebur-vert-posterDepending on the day, you may find me designing mockups and mood boards for new projects, helping the team bring our designs to life with CSS and JavaScript, cranking out a new site feature for a client in PHP, or fine-tuning our server environment.

My education & experience

I have a B.S. in Advertising at the University of Florida. I also have A.S. degrees in Graphic Design Technology and Multimedia Technology from Valencia. I have worked as Lead Designer or Art Director at a handful of local agencies over the years before ProtoFuse. I have also taught Web Design as an Adjunct Professor at Valencia.

My favorite thing about building & marketing conversion-focused websites for the SMB

The key to me is “focused”. I enjoy having a set of focused goals and tailoring every aspect of our solution towards achieving those goals. If a project begins to stray outside those bounds, we can always return to the goals and keep our team, our clients, and our project focused and our eyes on the eventual prize.

What I consider my strength

I am always eager to learn and try new things, especially when they help make me better at my job. I also think I am versatile, in that I enjoy doing both the creative and the technical. My work stays fresh and new, and neither side of my brain stays bored for too long.

A client’s website I’m most proud of

A recent project, SafePlumbing, had some of the most memorable takeaways, for two reasons:

  1. I created one of my personal all-time favorite mood boards for this project. It felt good to know that, even though I’ve been branching out into new areas, I can still create a design that I feel like patting myself on the back for.
  2. It was the first project following a recent overhaul of our front-end development process. We will always be refining our process, but we walked away pleased with the things we’ve implemented so far.

The strangest thing I’ve experienced professionally

I have 2 completed projects from my freelance days that were fully paid for but never launched. They are still sitting, ready to go, in case the day comes that I hear from either client again.

My favorite things outside the office

I love spending time with my little girl. She is one of my best friends, and a huge goofball just like me. We have one of those relationships where we can laugh at each other for hours at things that would baffle any outside person.